What we do

Ai9 delivers real results to global business, Our teamwork enables individuals to make outputs beyond the imagination of individuals by multiplying different people, different thoughts, different means, utilizing the personality and skill of each person. We work at the intersection of business, creativity and technology. Collaborating with clients to build innovative products and immersive experiences.

We work with partners large and small from across the globe - angel investors, VCs, start-ups and global brands. Developing collaborative projects across time zones.

There are many ways to collaborate with us, we can fly solo or in tandem with a hands-on client.

Building your project from A-Z... We guide you through concept refining, business modelling, design, development, and launch. We take the whole project on our shoulders and let you focus on next steps.

This is the best option if you would like us to allocate some of our resources to meet your ad-hoc needs. You can be sure that whenever you turn to us, we will be there. Happy to help!

We innovate products for our clients. We immerse ourselves in our clients' business: researching, designing, and building.

We enjoy delivering great products to our clients, however sometimes we love it so much that we want to play a larger role. We mean forging a long-term partnership, sharing your vision and passion to create a game-changing product. We invest our time and expertise to deliver high-quality design and technology.